The soundtrack to God's story, in the Canal Mosaic community, of New Orleans, LA.  We sing these songs in our worship services.  Listen throughout your week, and join the rest of the congregation in singing on Sunday mornings! 

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On the Bible Reading plan are video titles. The videos can be found at: Bible Reading Plan Videos. To access the videos, go to the website then type in the title of the video in the search location. We will also be sending out a weekly email with the links for the videos and the scriptures for that week.


Our children are vitally important to the life of our church. Our goal in Mosaic Nursery and Mosaic Kids Worship is to teach our kids how to worship and it's importance. We walk along side our parents and guardians as partners in the discipleship process. We have a desire for all of our kids to be in a relationship with Jesus, to know the power and authority they walk in with the Holy Spirit, and to grow in their identity as a son or daughter of the King. There is no Jr. Holy Spirit. The gifts they are given by the Lord are just as important to this church as our adult members. It is our job to partner in discipleship to teach our children about God and their role in our church. Won't you come be a part of this important ministry. 


Do your spiritual gifts include intercession, teaching, faith, exhortation, discernment, apostleship, administration? (not limited to these!)  Are you gifted musically, with an instrument or singing?  Are you a team player?  Have you wondered how the sound and media happen during a worship service?  Can you focus really well?  Are you creative and innovative?  Do you enjoy dreaming or developing new ideas?  Do you enjoy learning about worshipping God, and encouraging others to do so?  The Worship Arts Team at Canal Street Church may be looking for YOU to join our team, in serving our congregation.


Thank you for your leadership and commitment to the ministries of Canal Street Church.