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Church Center App Instructions

1) Go to the app store on your phone

2) Search for then Download "Church Center App"

3) Select "Get Started"

4) Search Manually

5a) Enter "Canal Street Church" in the church name field

5b) Enter "New Orleans" in location Field

5c) Select "Search"

6a) If member/attendee of Canal Street Church, select church logo on right

6b) If member/attendee of Grace Community Church, select logo on left

6c) Check address of selected field to ensure you have the correct church

7) Select Next

8a) Enter your phone number

8b) Enter the code given through text

9) Login

10) On the bottom of screen select "Give"

11) Enter donation amount

12) Select particular fund/frequency/payment method

13) Finalize giving

Note: This app is linked directly to our church's giving page.

In-Person & Online 10am

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