Q & A Forum with Alan Cross

There have been lots of questions and discussions on a biblical response to the border issue lately. We are thankful for our friendship with Alan Cross, his ministry and wisdom in immigration issues in our country. Alan has spent the last week in DC advocating from a Christian perspective on the family immigration issues. Listen to him share and help us better understand the current issues and how we can make a change. #family #immigration #AlanCross #advocate

The Suicide Epidemic and What Our Church Is Doing About It

The string of celebrity deaths because of suicide highlights the rising suicide rate. As a chaplain, I have regretfully laid one too many soldiers to rest because of suicide. After my unit returned from Iraq several years ago, we seemed to almost be laying down one soldier a year just from that unit alone. I think it is too easy for Christians to give our many cliches to those who are suicidal. “Jesus loves you too much for you to take your life.” “God has a purpose and you will be cutting that purpose too short if you kill yourself.” While there may be some truth to these statements, it is hard for us to get inside the emotions and the mind of someone who is suicidal. As Christians we too


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