Financial Stewardship

Dear Church Family, Way to step up with your giving last month. To speak about giving and money always seems to have this sense of taboo associated with it in our culture, particularly when its talked about in church settings. I appreciate Matt Allan's testimony about his experience regarding transparency and comfort discussing money. Did you know that there are more than 2,350 verses in the bible that address God's way of handling money and possessions? And that Jesus said more about money than almost any other subject? What we do with our money is very personal. Talking about money is very intimate. That's why I think the topic creates discomfort. But stewardship of our resources is a

Haiti: I Went to Teach, but I Ended Up Learning

One week in April, our church sent a team to Haiti to teach about 40 pastors in a conference. This was the third year we conducted the pastors conference and it was great to see many of the same pastor returning. The theme of the conference was community. I taught from the Bible about community, but I ended up learning about community as well. Haiti is a country that is perhaps more African in culture than it is Western, even though the country lies well in the western hemisphere and in proximity to North America. Countries can be categorized between countries that are more communal and those that are more individualistic. Communal countries emphasize community over self; however, individu


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