Iglesia Canal Street: Mosaico Hispano

We are the expression of the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural community of Christ followers, Canal Street Church: A Mosaic Community. We are called to seek those who are in search of a true spiritual transformation to become Christ followers in the Hispanic Community in New Orleans.

For God loves and cares for people, Mosaico Hispano values the spiritual life of individuals. Thus…

…we seek people to be transformed by the message of the Gospel of Christ

…we teach and proclaim and submit our life to the Bible for is the Word of God

…we worship God passionately in a personal and collective manner praying, praising and being instructed in His word

…we engage our community by living committed lives and practicing our faith with joy and enthusiasm to nurture and encourage those around us.

…we develop meaningful relationships through small groups for people to enter a personal relationship with Christ and to take care of each other

…we serve others through the spiritual gifts given to us by God.

It is true that us as Latinos come from different, races, countries, cultures, and histories with one common element: our language, Spanish. We come from close and far regions of our continent: North, Central and South America, from the Rio Bravo to the Patagonia. Diversity is our trademark. Mosaico Hispano is a church that seeks to unite the Hispanic community of New Orleans through the Gospel. As we share and celebrate our differences, we seek to be unified through the Gospel of Christ.

Mosaico Hispano is the Hispanic Congregation of Canal Street Church: A Mosaic Community and our services are in Spanish. Our church is conveniently located on Canal Street and Henessy. If you live in Mid-City you can walk, get on the streetcar, or ride your bicycle. We meet Sundays at 6:00 PM in the church’s parlor. We also have Life Transformation Groups (LTG’s) and LIFEgroups during the week. Please come dressed as you feel comfortable – just come as you are.


4302 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA 70119 504-482-1135
mosaicohispano@canalmosaic.org, Contact Us